Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Painted turkey.

I finished up my turkey last night.  Here's what I did:

First I started with the brown.

Danny said I needed to put a brown stripe across his tail feathers and wings, so I did.

Then I added orange.  Funny story:  I knew I didn't have any orange food coloring to paint him with, so I had planned on mixing red and yellow.  Started painting and realized I used the last of my yellow for the yellow brick road for Cammy's cake.  Oops.  Guess what I used to get this pretty orange...paprika!  So now my turkey smells spicy.

I'm running out of commentary, so one more picture...

He's shiny in these pictures because he wasn't dry yet.  He's not shiny anymore.  I'm just going to sit this little guy on top of my pumpkin pie (which I'll post about on Monday!).  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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