Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Scarecrow.

The girls picked the Scarecrow as the next character to make last night.  He did prove to be the most difficult one so far.  I had to color darker colors for him which took longer.  And he did not want to stay together!  Anyway, here goes...

Legs...they look kind of gross, don't they?

Torso added.  The dark green was hard to achieve!  I had to mix a little brown, a little black and a little green to get this color.

No, this is not what color is head is going to be in the end.  Keep reading...

Tada!  See, told you.  I had to brace his arms with toothpicks.  They would not stay on for anything!  Notice the two pilgrim salt and pepper shakers?  Yeah, I had them backed up against his arms to help hold them on.  I just moved them to take a picture.

Almost there.  I thought his legs looked a little too long, so I cut them off a little before I added feet.

And speaking of feet, here they are in place. 

And the three finished ones together.  I think the Scarecrow is my favorite thus far.  The lion will be tonight.  But I don't know if I'll get an update done until Monday.  You see, I'm taking off work tomorrow to go Christmas shopping, so I won't get the lion update done tomorrow, and I don't usually even get on the internet on the weekends.  So you'll probably have to wait until Monday to get one huge update.

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