Monday, November 23, 2009

Putting it all together...

Okay, second entry for today (and final one).  I spent most of the day on Saturday finishing up the cake.  I made two cakes, one yellow (butter) cake, and one chocolate fudge.  So here's what I did:

Bowls and mixer ready to go!

Butter, sugar and eggs mixed up.

Flour and baking powder.

Mixing it all up.  Not very exciting yet, is it?

The chocolate one.  Funny story, well, not so funny at the time but in retrospect it's a little funny.  I had just melted the chocolate and poured it into the batter when my mother called.  I couldn't get off the phone with her fast enough to mix up the chocolate in the batter before it started to harden.  I went ahead and mixed it up (though it didn't mix up very good, so I knew something was wrong) poured it in the pan, and put it in the oven.  Fast forward 30 minutes when I try to turn the cake out onto the cooling rack:  it crumbles, completely falls apart.  So I had to scrap that one and start over again.  It was frustrating.

The almost done butter cake on the left, and the doomed first chocolate cake on the right.

I made the Emerald City out of cookie sticks covered in green fondant.  So here are the cookie dough sticks before they went in the oven.

Ingredients, because I realized I wasn't taking enough pictures.  Although the creme drops are not part of the ingredients.  They were just left on the table by a child.  When I was little I used to think creme drops were awesome, and totally Christmas-y.  So when Danny and I were Christmas shopping on Friday we bought a bag.  Yeah, they're not as good as I remember them being.  Even the girls didn't like them.  They ended up in trash.  Moving on...

The cookie recipe that I used for the Emerald City.  Although I did not add the cinnamon and sugar coating to them like the snickerdoodles have.

The finished butter cake cooling.

The finished cookie sticks.  I should have made them a little smaller so they wouldn't spread so much.  I ended up trimming the sides off a lot.

On to making the fondant for the Emerald City and the yellow brick road.  Since we were going to be eating these I wanted to make the good stuff.

You've all seen this before, so I'm not going to bore you with the whole process.

So here's the end result. 

Cookies covered in green fondant.  These ended up a lot heavier than I expected them to be.

The two cakes ready to be frosted.

Green buttercream.  This frosting is awesome because it crusts over on the outside.  Yum.

Frosted cake.

Yellow fondant rolled out to make the yellow brick road.  It looks kind of green in this pictures, but I promise, it was really yellow.

See, it looks more yellow here.

Added the Emerald City.  I actually had to brace it from the back with a cookie turned sideways and lollipop sticks because the cookies were too heavy.  I did not anticipate that, but it all turned out okay anyway.

And the finished cake!  You can't see the brick pattern very well in this picture.

Another shot of the finished cake.

Dorothy and the Lion.  You can kind of see the brick pattern a little better.

Scarecrow and Tin Man.

And the birthday girl, Cammy, blowing out the candles.  She loved it!

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